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I really enjoyed the class. In fact, I took more away than I thought I would. Between your descriptions of the drills and your demos of the drills (every drill executed with great speed and accuracy), I was able to visualize and attempt to apply the concept better than just reading a description. I feel your ability to layer the skills on top of each other was a valuable part of the process to show growth in just two days. I cant wait to apply some of the drills in dry and live fire practice. I was kind of in a lull with my shooting but I feel like the “push harder” fire has been lit.

I came into Sean’s class with several years of match shooting experience, ranked C class in USPSA and sharpshooter in IDPA. Sean’s class is very well organized and it is abundantly clear Sean has extensive experience as a firearm instructor. By all metrics I have experienced substantial improvement as a shooter after taking Sean’s class. By implementing what I learned from Sean, I took home a division win in the first match following the class and third place out of 72 in another match with a stage win. Although both matches used time-plus scoring and Sean’s class is optimized for hit factor scoring in USPSA, I have no doubt the his class is valuable for any shooting sport where speed+accuracy are paramount. More importantly, I've significantly closed the gap between me and some local shooters (A class and M) whom I’ve never come close to out shooting. I have no doubt that if I adhere to Sean’s “homework” I will surpass them.

Hey brother, you put on a great class! You put a lot of stiff into perspective for me while having a good time in the process. I learned a lot and I’m going to put the things you showed me to good use. I look forward to sending you a picture of my A class Open division classification in December. Have a good one man and thanks again for everything. 

The pace of the class was customized to the students and all shooters saw improvement in their hit factor in less than 48 hours. Like any good instructor, Sean gives his students the tools they need to improve independently in addition to improving their mechanics while providing guidance. I have taken multiple classes from a variety of firearms instructors, all of which imparted some useful knowledge in drills or mechanics but the numbers don’t lie. Sean’s class was one of the few where I actually saw a measurable increase in shooting performance via match rankings against real competitors. 

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