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Class Descriptions and Hosting

Performance Pistol - 2 Day Class

Our Performance Pistol Class is designed with the shooter that has an understanding of weapon safety and fundamentals in mind but wants to learn how to run the handgun at their maximum ability. During this class, we will discuss, demonstrate and drill the most efficient practices for every facet of shooting a handgun with a high demand on speed and accuracy. We will push even the most seasoned shooters past their limits with regards to speed and accuracy, dissect individual skills in order to find inefficiencies, and apply corrections so we can collectively redefine what fast and accurate really is.

Day 1 will focus on static shooting with a high demand on accuracy AT relevant speed and the skills necessary to accomplish this. By the end of day 1, students will be able to apply these concepts in order to be aggressively accurate through varying target presentations and target arrays. 

On day 2 the class will apply this level of shooting, continuing with a high demand of aggressive accuracy as we learn to move around effectively. We will explore how to exit and enter shooting positions, move comfortably and safely with the gun and merge or blend shooting positions together. We'll also learn to shoot while moving and discuss when and where shooting on the move makes sense given the scenario. 


During this class we will also discuss training methodologies in order to give students a better understanding of what their own firearms training should look like. This includes how to isolate skills, how to use training metrics to guide training and goals, and how to effectively use both dry and live fire to hone skills. 


Required Equipment:

Gun - (bring a backup if you have one)


Ammo - 1000 rounds 

Magazines and Mag pouches - Minimum of 3 magazines, 2 Mag pouches 


Eye protection and Ear protection

(Check the FAQ page under About Us for class hosting questions)

Private training is 1-on-1 and tailored to the individual and their specific needs. Because of this, we can accomplish significantly more in a much shorter time frame. This method of training has the highest return on investment and is recommended for those just beginning and who wish to jumpstart their

shooting or for those that are at a higher level and want 1-on-1 guidance

to break through plateaus or reach the next level. If you are interested in

setting up a private training session, click the link and we will work out 

and set up a training plan that best fits your current skill level and your

goals moving forward. 

Private Training 1-on-1

(Check the FAQ page under About Us for questions)

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