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Griffith Shooting Solutions was founded by Sean Griffith and strives to provide firearms and competitive shooting training to those striving for the next level. With classes and private training geared towards all levels of competitors, Law Enforcement Officers/Agents and everyday citizens, GSS is ready to guide individuals toward their shooting goals.


Sean started his shooting career in the United States Marine Corps in 2008 and has been involved in the field of training and firearms since. From 2010-2012 Sean served as a martial arts instructor for the USMC and realized his passion to teach and help others reach their own goals. In 2012, Sean exited the Marines and started a career in law enforcement. Sean served as an operational officer in Maryland from 2012-2015 where he gained valuable experience in the field while honing his own shooting skills through competition shooting within the International Defensive Pistol Association (IDPA) and training on his own time. In 2015, Sean moved from the departments’ Operations Section to their Training Unit and taught firearms and tactics full time to both law enforcement personnel as well as civilians deploying overseas. 

In 2017, Sean accepted a 3-year transfer to Glynco, GA to teach firearms to federal, state and local law enforcement officers and agents full time. During this time, he continued to develop his own skills in both instructional techniques as well as shooting skill. In 2018, Sean won the IDPA National Championship in the Stock Service Pistol Division and began competing in the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) in March of 2018. By July of 2019, he had attained the rank of Grand Master, the highest shooter ranking available, in the Production Division. In November of 2019, Sean began competing with a red dot mounted pistol in the USPSA carry optics (CO) division and by August of 2020, he had attained the rank of Grand Master in the CO division as well. Since then, Sean has had multiple top 12 finishes at the USPSA National Championship (top 12 qualifies for the "super squad" the following year).


In January of 2020, Sean left the police and accepted a permanent position with the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) where he continues to teach firearms to federal, state and local Law Enforcement Officers and Agents. 

In 2023, Sean is shooting for Tanfoglio / Italian Firearms Group as a member of their professional shooting team.

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